Boozehounds was started by three friends for one simple reason… they loved dogs and dreamed of owning a place where people could take their pups, enjoy an awesome cocktail or fab meal, and socialize in style. Making sure the pup was the real VIP of course!

Boozehounds Palm Springs was established in 2020 and has served as a go-to restaurant for dog owners from LA, San Diego, Coachella Valley, and beyond. And don’t worry, you can absolutely enjoy Boozehounds even if you don’t have a pup.

This expansive venue is located on the corner of Palm Canyon Drive as you enter the city of Palm Springs. Once there, choose from the sexy and stylish dining room and lounge facing the gorgeous San Jacinto mountains, dine in the open-air atrium, or enjoy the picturesque vacation vibes at the cabana bar and patio. Who doesn’t love a little mai tai moment?

Both the Atrium and Patio are dog-friendly zones and offer water bowls and a pup-friendly menu. Please note all indoor spaces are human only. (California rules… we know… what a bummer)

Boozehounds is also the perfect choice if you’re looking for an event venue or a space to celebrate life’s biggest moments! To book your event click on “private dining”

Don’t forget to check the “events” tab for all in-house events and parties. Shhh word on the street is Boozie throws some of the best events in town! You heard it here first!

Boozehounds is a safe space and stands with the LGBTQ+ community. Hate has no place here!

Okay, that’s enough blah blah… we know you just want pics and the menu…


Monday  open 5 – 9pm
happy hour 5 – 6pm 

Tuesday & Wednesday  CLOSED

Thursday  open 5 – 9pm

Friday & Saturday  open 10am – 10pm

brunch  10am – 3 pm  |  happy hour 3 – 5 pm  |  dinner 5 – 10 pm

Sunday  open 10am – 9pm
brunch 10am – 2pm  |  drag lunch* 230 – 4pm  |  happy hour 3 – 5pm  |  dinner 5 – 9pm


Our logo was inspired by owners Jimmy McGill and Steve Piacenza’s beloved dog, Striker. Striker was rescued on a whim from the Pasadena Humane Society in 1999. As his siblings raced to nibble on their fingers and vocalize for attention, Striker played it cool with direct eye contact, a slow but steady tail wag, and a purposeful nose lick. That day Jimmy and Steve took Striker home.

For 18 years he was much more than a four-legged best friend—he was more human than a dog. He had an incredible memory, temperament, and character. In fact, dog-sitters had trouble showering or changing clothes in front of him because of his attentive gaze.

Striker lives on in Boozehounds. He will never be forgotten. RIP to our sweet brother, a.k.a., Licky Licky Loo Loo, Handsome Man, The Babies, Strikes, Old Boy, Lamby Pajamy…



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