• Can I bring other pets to Boozehounds?

    While we love and respect all animals, only dogs are allowed on the property. Unless it is a service animal of a different species, this does not apply to emotional support animals. We do this to limit conflict between different types of animals

  • Is Boozehounds for dog lovers only?

    No, Boozehounds is not for dog lovers only. We encourage non-dog lovers to join us for dinner in our expansive in-door spaces, our lounge, main bar, and dining room. By law, dogs are not allowed inside a restaurant in the state of California.

  • What if my dog doesn’t get along with others well?

    While all are welcomed at Boozehounds, our safety and comfort of our guests are of utmost importance. If you know your dog is aggressive please refrain from bringing your dog to Boozehounds. Even the calmest dog can get irritated by something. If this happens please remove your dog from the situation and property immediately

  • Can my dog eat inside?

    Unfortunately no. Dogs are only permitted in our atrium and outside patio. Unless it is a service dog, emotional support animals are not permitted.

  • Does Boozehounds smell like dogs?

    No. We are continuously cleaning the property. If a dog does have an accident it is cleaned and disinfected immediately.

For any additional questions please contact us.